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    In the wrong place?


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    In the wrong place?

    Post  deadlegion on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:03 pm

    Ever thought about the possibility that the modern state of Israel may actually have been established in the incorrect geographical location?

    The Saudi government bulldozed entire villages and prohibit any scientific digging in Asir.
    Without having a copy of the old testament that dates from well before the Greek translation (or an even earlier translation) and conducting scientific digs in various areas of the middle east we will never know the real truth.
    Suffice to say that neither Muslim states or the Jewish state want any studies conducted about this aspect of history.
    The discrepancies in the current existing versions of the bible (all versions) and the lack of historical evidence in modern Israel are enough to raise suspicions that modern Jews (Christians and Muslims too)may believe in a distorted view of actual history.

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